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Firstly, well done! You’ve decided to book one of our awesome classes!

It’s great to try something new and we look forward to seeing you. If you feel unsure of where to start try Stability or one of our unique fitness assessments. If you’re still nervous about this then we also offer Personal Training to get you to a level where you feel comfortable.

Please just wear comfy clothes and bring your favourite pair of trainers. Arrive 10mins early and chill out in our lounge before heading to the studio for your workout.

All of our classes aim to achieve different things but one thing they have in common is great fun, top quality instruction in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment. Almost anyone can take part in our classes regardless of your age or fitness.

If you’re nervous, why not bring a friend for company! We promise to deliver a challenging class with outstanding instruction and guidance.

We keep our classes small so there is always time for an instructor to spend time with you if you need it.

Freshen up in our refreshing showers and bounce into the rest of your day in the knowledge that you’ve just achieved something great!

If time allows why not join your new found workout-buddies for a rewarding coffee in one of the many brilliant local independent coffee shops? ‘

Don’t forget to leave us a review saying how much you enjoyed the experience and most importantly book your next class!


Our classes are designed for all ages and abilities and with a maximum of 8-12 people per class you’re sure to get great support from our Award Winning instructors. What’s more at just £12 per class and no contracts, joining fees or memberships you can choose how and when to workout at a time that’s best for you! 


Stability is our introductory class perfect for absolute beginners but also great for those wanting to specifically challenge their abs. It has influences from both yoga and pilates but also draws on Zac’s 10 years of experience in the British Rowing Team.

We focus on smooth controlled movements using the large gym balls and encourage fantastic technique whilst trying to get the greatest range of movement that you’re comfortable with.

The class focuses on abs with some back mobility and postural correctness thrown in for good measure!

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Strength is our most popular class. Whilst being more challenging than Stability is also suitable for beginners. 

We use our own version of Suspension Trainers (often know as TRX) and your body weight to work though controlled routing of exercises that are designed to help you build muscle tone around your whole body. 

Depending on how hard you work you might expect some slight muscle soreness after this class which should pass in a few days. Don’t worry – this is just the feeling of muscle growing!

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Stamina is our circuit class. We pick 5 different exercises each day and repeat them one after another for various lengths and intensities. Don’t worry there is some rest as well! 

Everyone does the same exercise at the same time so if you’re unsure and don’t want to speak out then just look around and you’ll get an idea of what’s next. Thats if the instructor hasn’t got to you first! 

This class is easily adaptable to beginners or injuries – it’s all about getting the best out of you in each session – just talk to the instructor at any time and they can adapt it if needs be.

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Speed involves short sharp bursts of exercise for just 20 seconds at a time. We try and push you to reach your max to get the most benefit from this true HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session. 

After your first exercise we give you plenty of time to recover and get your breath back just so you can reach your max again! We aim for 5 different exercises per class to make sure we get every muscle working hard.

This class is designed to burn calories for many hours after the session has finished – perfect to claim you’re still working our when sat on the sofa in the evening!

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Smash is all about your physical and mental toughness. Just 4 exercises with 10 repetitions of each. There are up to 20 rounds (though our record is 18 and a ‘good’ score is 12) that start easily and get progressively harder. How long you go is totally up to you.

Try it for the first time to set your benchmark and then next time try and do just 1 more round. 

For those of you who like the competitive side of a workout – this could be the answer to your dreams!

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Our Sycling class is a true cardio workout that’ll get your heart pumping and your lungs working hard. With loud music and disco lighting our instructors will motivate you and take you for a tour of some of the best sights and sounds from around the world.

Recent Sycling trips include Italy, Australia, Yorkshire Dales, Iceland to name but a few! Each session is a new location to get your teeth (or even legs!) into.  

This class can again be taken at your own pace so don’t worry if you’ve not tried it before, it’s a great fun high energy class that’ll leave you wanting more!



Ever fancied trying indoor rowing but never known know to use the equipment or wanted to make sure you’ve got your technique right first? Then that’s what Spalsh is for! Beginner or Expert, everyone is welcome.

The session starts with some technical warm up to make sure you’re moving efficiently and safely before we move onto some higher paces work to challenge your new-found prowess. 

The session finishes with some short intensity that you can use to measure your progress or even compare your results against others! 

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Yoga & Pilates

We have a brilliant  group of external instructors who provide a huge varitiey of yoga and Pilates classes. 

You can find the times on out app or website but you’ll need to contact them directly as some of them offer termly packages or block bookings for their classes.

Don’t forget that if you fancy the pay as you go option you can always book our Stability class directly on the app or website!

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Personal Training

Our classes are small and designed to give you great support but we know that this isn’t for everyone. That’s why we also offer completely bespoke training options.

Suitable for the complete beginner to give you confidence and help build fitness, maybe with the aim of attending fitness classes long term, or even for the experienced athlete looking for help in preparation for a specific event. 

We offer both Pay As You Go and Monthly packages. Sessions start from just £55/session and can be a great way to fast-track your fitness goals.

Fitness Assessment

You may also wish to try our unique fitness assessment.

These 30 minute 1-2-1 assessments will test 4 different exercises and give you a percentage score for each. This is then converted to an overall score that can be measured over time to see changes in your fitness levels.

We can also use this score to assess any areas of imbalance that you would benefit from improving and adjust your exercise regime accordingly.

If you have any questions please just get in touch and we’d be more then happy to help you!


You can book all of our classes online or via our app. Just click on the class you fancy for more information and to book.
To manage your account, just click the login key below.
Don’t forget, if you’re new, your 1st class is FREE when you call us or pop in to book!


Best fitness classes I have ever done. The different sessions run at varying times of the day meaning that it is easy to maintain a level of commitment. I have noticed a real difference only 6 weeks in and really like Zac’s style of support and encouragement. Highly recommend giving it a go. My 2 boys enjoy going too and it’s a great thing we can all do together.

Clare Cogan / Facebook

Loving exercising at Zacs, friendly atmosphere, classes fit in just nicely with life, using the app is so easy and pay as you go too. Seen such a difference in my body over the year of going. Zac knows his stuff and gets great results as well as being able to have a giggle at the same time!!

Kirsty Bevins / Google

I started as a nervous returner to exercise about 2 months ago, and haven’t looked back since. From day one I felt welcome and have seen huge improvements in my fitness and strength thanks to the encouragement of Zac and the team.
The classes are great fun and I always leave with a sense of satisfaction knowing they have pushed me just that little bit harder than I would push myself. I can’t recommend them and thank them enough!

Sandra Jeffs / Facebook

Our community

We are proud to be helping people to exercise in a simple, fun and effective way. Life can be tough & we firmly believe that exercise shouldn’t contribute to that.

Our very own Olympic and Triple World Champion, Zac Purchase MBE, spent 4 years developing the class programs and ethos that we offer you today.

Having been connected with Marlow for many years, Zac and his wife Fliss, knew that after the London 2012 Games, it was time to give something back to this wonderful vibrant town. ‘Zacs’ was born!

Our fitness classes are a maximum of 45 minutes and have no more than 12 people per class, ofter far less, to ensure you get a really high quality, individual service. That’s our Olympic standard & we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Zac Purchase
Owner, director of programmes and lead PT

Fliss Purchase
owner, marketing and finance director

studio manager, Personal Trainer

Marika Thomson

Dee Hudson

ola Lirka
yoga instructor 

abby bulfin
pilates and barre instructor

Sophie Hewit
pilates instructor


We know you’ll have loads of questions.
Hopefully we’ve covered some of the regular ones below but if not get in touch and we’d love to help out!


Do I have to book?

Yes please! We always recommend that you book in advance. You are welcome to drop in without booking but if we don’t know you’re coming and no one else has booked on, we cannot guarantee that the class will be going ahead.

How do I book?

Most people book using our amazing app which you’ll find the link for at the top of this page, however you can also book on the website, over the phone and of course by popping in to say Hi!

How far in advance can I book?

You can currently book up to 12 weeks in advance! We occasionally tweak our programme so if you’ve booked a long way in advance, we will contact you to tell you of any changes.

Do you do bulk booking discounts?

We’re really proud of being able to offer such high quality instruction for a competitive price, so are not offering a bulk discount at the moment. We do have loyalty cards though, which give you every 10th class free… just remember to get it stamped each time!

How can I cancel a booking?

Class bookings can be cancelled online up to 12 hours before the class starts. Your cancelled booking will be allocated to your account as a credit, which you can then use to book at any time within the next month for a class of the same type. Unfortunately, as some sessions are now very popular and have a waiting list, classes cancelled within 12 hours cannot be credited. You will know if your class has been successfully cancelled because it will be marked as ‘Booking Cancelled’ in your profile.

How do I book my child?

We’re so pleased that you would like your child to attend a session! Just drop us a message first of all with their name, email address (if they have one) & DOB and we’ll set up a child account for them. When you log into this account, the 1/2 price child rate will be automatically applied.

How can I claim the Special Offers?

We love that you want to try us! If you want to take up your introductory offer the best way is to pop in or call us so we can arrange it for you.
See you soon!


Are there any classes for beginners?

All of our classes have been designed so people of all ages and abilities can get involved. That is what we do. If you are completely new to exercise or have had an illness or injury we tend to recommend Stability as a starting point, this is the most gentle and easy-going.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring comfy clothing and a smile! We’d also recommend a water bottle but if you don’t have one then you can buy one when you arrive. If you’ve booked in person or online, then please check in at Reception so we know you’re here.

Do you have an age limit?

For fitness classes, we suggest a minimum age of 10 and all exercises are tailored for each client. Every client, including children, must have their own account for health & safety reasons. If you would like to register for a child’s account please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I come if I'm pregnant?

Yes! The general NHS advice is to not drastically alter the amount of exercise you would normally do when you become pregnant but it’s really important to stay active. Most of our classes are suitable for expectant mummies assuming your Doctor is happy for you to take part and we can tailor every exercise where needed. If you’re nearing or in your 3rd trimester please contact us so we can have a quick chat first.

I have an injury, what would you recommend?

Exercising when you are injured/ill, or have had a recent injury/surgery, is completely dependant on each individual circumstance. The best thing to do is get in touch, we’ll always be happy to chat & offer suggestions and advice. We see hundreds (literally) of people with various injuries & illnesses, from trapped nerves to those who’ve had major reconstructive surgery, are recovering from significant illness and some who have lifelong illnesses using exercise to keep symptoms at bay. Our staff are extremely experienced & we’ll always advocate taking a break from class if that’s the right thing for you.

How much are your classes?

Most of our classes are just £12! Yes really. There are a few exceptions…

1st classes are FREE if you call, email or pop in to book

10th classes are FREE when you collect enough loyalty card stamps

Under 18s are 1/2 price in most cases


Do you have showers?

Yes! We have individual changing / shower rooms, hairdryers & hair straighteners. You can hire a large towel for £1 (small towels are included in your class price).

Do you have childcare facilities?

Our staff are not qualified to care for children unfortunately and we don’t have formal childcare facilities on site – a conscious decision as many of our clients like to enjoy a little ‘me time’ away from the family when they’re here. We understand that childcare can be tricky though so if you’re struggling, get in touch, we’re happy to help on a case by case basis if we can. Alternatively, if your little person is over 10, they can join in too!

Can I use the gym without supervision?

Not at the moment, mainly because of the layout of our premises & because we use the ‘free time’ you see in our timetable for Personal Training. We are looking into offering free use times in the future, please contact us if this is of interest and we’ll add you to our waiting list.

Can I book the studios for my own use?

Absolutely! We have 3 fitness studios; one for classes, one for yoga/pilates and one for sycling. If you want more information , please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We believe in a functional training method. This means we only complete exercises that are based on the bodies natural way of moving, nothing is forced. We use kettlebells, weighted slam balls, our own suspension trainers (similar to TRX), resistance bands & Swiss balls. Oh & bikes in Spin, obviously. In Yoga we have mats, blocks & bands if required. All of our equipment is available to buy if you want to carry on at home.


Tell me about your DNA testing...

In brief, they’re ace! Our DNA Tests are provided in partnership DNAFit, a market leader in this technology. The test is extremely comprehensive but basically looks at your genetic predispositions to various areas regarding fitness and nutrition. A simple cheek swab is taken, sent to the lab and results are back within 2-3 weeks. You’ll receive a 60 page report, infographic overview all about you, plus 12 week food planner with recipes and weekly shopping lists. Once the results are back we book you in for a consultation with Zac who will explain & advise on the data. There is loads more to add so if you’d like more information please drop us a message.

What will you do with my information?

Nothing! We are a small, family run business and have a huge amount of pride in our growing reputation. There’s nothing more annoying that receiving junk mail and cold calls – we endeavour to treat every one of our clients as an extended member of our family and would never pass your details on. We take your email address upon registration so we can contact you if there is an issue with your booking. It also functions as your username for your account. If you have opted in, you may also receive emails from us occasionally with offers, competitions and promotions that we think you’ll enjoy.

Are my card details safe?

Of course! We use Stripe to process all card payments which, if we’re being technical about it, is PCI-DSS compliant plus our entire website is SSL certified. Bet you wish you hadn’t asked now!

Do you offer Personal Training?

Yes, we offer both monthly & PAYG PT, including sessions with Zac. Please contact us with a rough idea of your goals for more information.

How do I contact Zac for a media enquiry?

For all media enquiries, please contact and someone will be in touch.

Does Zac actually spend any time at the studio or has he just put his name to it?

You’d be amazed how many people ask this! Yes, Zac really is at the studio almost every day, taking almost all of our classes. This is his & Fliss’ full time job & you’ll often see their little girl & dogs mooching around from time to time too. So when we say you’re in experienced hands, we mean it!

Tell me more about your Loyalty Card scheme...

It’s simple, complete your class and bring your loyalty card to Reception for a stamp. You get a Primal Pantry bar every 5 classes and your 10th class is FREE! Loyalty cards are valid until the date shown and much like a coffee shop, cannot be back dated. If you forget your card we’ll be happy to give you a new one and add them both together when you find your old one if it’s in date.

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